Led By God


Led By God


God has led me all these years, through all trials, joys and tears,

Through times I did not understand, led by His omnipotent hand,

Through each year and every trial, God was there, with no denial,

Giving me an undeniable peace, that to this day does not cease.


Even being as a faithless fool, God to me would remain faithful,

For God couldn’t deny himself, while my belief, I lived in stealth,

Even when I had strayed from Him, falling back into ways of sin,

God was faithfully at my side, while leading back to again abide.


Even before I ever knew Christ, He had taken the lead, in my life,

As God had led me to the place, where I received Christ by faith,

A faith which continually grows, as His ways to me Christ shows,

Through trials and joys of life, as I am led by The Spirit of Christ.


So now as I move on to the future, in Christ’s ways I can be sure,

For as I reflect on all my past, God’s Faithfulness has been cast,

Both on my heart and in my mind, as In Jesus Christ alone I find,

A faithfulness, in which I must, place in God, an unwavering trust.


I’ll continue to trust in God’s lead, as He takes care of each need,

Lighting the path, He has me take, as my life, God won’t forsake,

For in The Lord, I understand, I can trust God’s Omnipotent hand,

Going through anything in my life, this as I’m led by Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)


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