Living In Expectation

The End Times

Living In Expectation


Living faithfully and expectantly, must be life for you and me,

In Christ alone we have reason, this regardless of the season,

To long for the return of Christ, no matter where we are in life,

While we live, all that we learn, with our hope in Christ’s return.


With Judgment coming friend, we must be ready for The End,

Coming as a thief in the night, we all must live in Christ’s light,

We know not the coming hour, when Christ will come in power,

To the world of wickedness, who know not His Righteousness.


Peace and safety, men will cry, all who know not God on high,

Men, caught in Satan’s seduction, will see sudden destruction,

Surprised will be every nation, that scoffs of God’s Revelation,

They’ll experience the wrath of, Judgment from our Lord above.


We in Christ, are not ignorant, of God’s coming end time event,

For we are not sons of the night, but we’re the sons of the light,

Sober and watchful we’re to be, while living for Him expectantly,

Controlled by the Spirit of Christ, we’re to live for Him all our life.


Unlike men, who live in darkness, we must live in Righteousness,

Saved by Christ’s loving Grace, we need to live in love and faith,

With the hope in our Salvation, we’re God’s Light to every nation,

As we faithfully live this life, expecting soon, the return of Christ.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)

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