Reverent Worship


Reverent Worship


Praise the Lord, and only Him; praising others, leads to sin,

The praise of men must not be, found at all in God’s family,

As the Lord’s Name we raise, He alone deserves our praise,

All praise with a reverent nod, as we’re in the house of God.


Worship and praise go together; His praise is our endeavor,

Purposing as His people, to go beyond church and steeple,

Beyond just a place to greet, all believers who weekly meet,

To the place where fellowship, gathers around a relationship.


A relationship with our Lord, anything less we cannot afford,

We need reverence and awe, as God is big, so we are small;

It was God, who came for us, through His Son, Christ Jesus,

In His house we must reverence, not others but His presence.


God’s house should be a place, to gather and seek His face,

So as we’re seated in the pew, for Him, let our words be few,

Allowing God to speak with us, by The Spirit of Christ Jesus,

There humbled by His Grace, to hear God and seek His face.


The awe in God’s house is lost, and not without spiritual cost,

In the hearts of some we raise, knowing not priority of praise,

As Godly worship wanes away, in many of their hearts today,

Leaving the Body truly in need, of worship in the Spirit’s lead.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)


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