Hope In Christ’s Coming

The Word of God



Hope In Christ’s Coming


Through every trial we can cope, comforted by our Blessed Hope,

A hope that transcends this time, founded in God’s Grand Design,

A hope that goes beyond this life, found in our Lord, Jesus Christ,

And in this hope, peace is found, as we know we’re heaven bound.


For our hope is eternal, my friend, in a time ahead that has no end,

We needn’t have troubled hearts, when one from this earth departs,

While we share the knowledge of, the eternal plan from God above,

For all those in Christ, we are sure, we shall see again, forevermore,


As all of us who are Born Again, know that Christ shall return again,

When in Christ, we truly believe, Eternal Life from Christ we receive;

Our dead body sown in the ground, with Christ above will be found,

Raised imperishable and glorified; to be home eternally by His side.


All those who die in Christ Jesus, shall return with Christ to meet us,

When we hear that trumpet sound, together with Him, we’ll be found,

As we will be gathered in the clouds, to be with God’s Holy Crowds,

When we leave this temporal world, Eternity for us shall be unfurled.


This Hope should focus each of us, upon the return of Christ Jesus,

Changed in the twinkling of an eye, shall be believers, like you and I,

But this isn’t the end of our story, as we will be promoted into Glory,

So with this Hope, sister and brother, we are to comfort one another.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)




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