Apart From Christ

The Word of God

Apart From Christ


Who is not lost, apart from Christ, of the people amidst your life?

No one my friend, for it’s said, that all outside are spiritually dead,

All those outside of God’s Family, have no hope, for life eternally,

To be a part of God’s Family, one must come to Christ at Calvary,


All we know who haven’t crossed, into Calvary’s way are truly lost,

For without Grace from Calvary, all will remain in bonds of slavery,

Bondage from the slavery of sin, unless New Life they have within,

New Life received only by faith, when they accept Calvary’s Grace.


New Life, by all, is only achieved, when by faith, Christ is received,

Many are called but few are chose, so many remain as God’s foes,

Separated from The Lord above, for not embracing Truth and Love,

That love God sent, to the cross, to save not some, but all the lost.


In order for anyone to be saved, they must know, they’re depraved,

Born onto this sin cursed earth, while tainted by sin, from their birth,

Separated from the love of God, from the outset of life on this sod,

But, supplied with a Hope in Christ, that all of us can see eternal life.


Apart from Christ, we remain in sin, with our only Hope found in Him,

Who for all died as God’s Sacrifice, so we could enter into Paradise,

As sinful mortal men in God’s Family, in Christ we’ll enter immortality,

So, though you are lost, you can be, saved by Christ to live eternally.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)

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