Purity And Love Practiced

God's Sovereignty



Purity And Love Practiced


We all need to walk in purity and love, as we live for our Lord above,

This as God’s Word we truly heed, purity and love is what men need,

Within the world that has gone astray, with many on the broader way,

Souls seduced by Satan’s seduction, on a path towards destruction!


We’re called to represent Christ, in one dark world through all our life,

In the midst of darkened minds, seduced by wickedness of all kinds,

As in Christ we have the ability, to live above all that darkened futility,

For in Christ we are sanctified, now set apart, for God to be glorified.


In this world of darkened amorality, we must avoid sexual immorality,

In a world becoming even darker, we’re content with a lifetime partner,

This as the Body of Christ strives, to live for Christ’s Glory, holy lives.

Seeking to draw others out of the night, into our Lord’s Glorious Light.


We must be as a sister and brother, an encouragement to one another,

We also need to love with sacrifice, all those within the Body of Christ,

Prompted by the love of The Savior, He wants to change our behavior,

To be Christ like, in all of our ways, as we live for His Glory and Praise.


This for believers is the purpose of God, as we live on this earthly sod,

With the power, from God above, we must reach others in Christ’s love,

For it’s God’s Love this world needs, from those whom the Spirit leads,

As His Spirit directs us in this life, in the love and purity of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)



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