My God And Me

My God And Me


It’s my Gracious God and me, that is how it’s going to be,

As He guides me day to day, walking on life’s narrow way,

Not down a path that’s broad, that one which sinners laud,

But, that Narrow Way of Life, this, as I follow Jesus Christ.


God’s always here with me, on my journey towards eternity,

Shaping me for another time, for His world, that is sublime,

I am not to focus on this earth, as I’ve received a new birth,

Through His Spirit from above, as He leads me here in love.


From that broad way I refrain, all by the power of His Name,

As God guides me every hour, by His Grace and His Power,

While He leads me all my days, for His Glory and His Praise,

Taking me off of a broad path, that was leading to His wrath.


A path full of Satan’s seduction, leading only to Destruction;

In your life and that one ahead, choose Christ’s Way instead,

Of man’s broader way of life; you shall also be led by Christ,

Who saves us from all our sin, when we choose a life in Him.


And when you do you shall see, that in your life God shall be,

A guide out of the dark of night, to lead you also in His Light,

As God changes your very life, with the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

Taking you down a path to see, that life still ahead in Eternity.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)

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