Irreverent Ignorance


Irreverent Ignorance


We are to glorify God’s Name, yet, it is taken so much in vain,

The Name of our Holy God, used today with an irreverent nod,

Through their lives many show, that The Lord, they don’t know,

So I ask you with a curious nod, just who exactly is their god?


With the phrases, many do use, God’s Holy Name they abuse,

Against a Truth, in His Word, that many may have never heard,

That all who use His Name amiss, God shall not hold guiltless,

For abusing the Name of our Lord, by God will not be ignored.


The lives of many truthfully hints, to the fact of their ignorance,

Of a Holy God and His Son, whose Word is given to everyone,

For every soul on earth to read, so God’s Truths they can heed,

Yet ignorance, is so embraced, by men, His Name is disgraced.


But, every soul is accountable, yes, even that Unbelieving Fool,

As a fool says there is no God, not knowing they’ll see His rod,

For, The Lord soon shall come, to set up a Righteous Kingdom,

This after God judges every nation, according to His Revelation.


All will have the knowledge of God, as Christ reigns on this sod,

Where Christ will reign over all, even those whose belief is small,

Where Christ, The Eternal Prince, shall eradicate such ignorance,

Where all shall glorify His Name, never again to be taken in vain!


(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)


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