Embracing God’s Word

The Word of God

Embracing God’s Word


Believers accept this very hour, The Word of God in all its power,

The Living Word, truly adored, is sharper than a two edged sword,

His Word is living and powerful, above, to accomplish God’s Will,

Discerning of hearts and thought, by His Word change is wrought.


We embrace His Word every day, for God’s Word, lights our way,

Accepted as the very Word of God, it’s our guide, where we trod,

This, while we follow Jesus Christ, applying His Word into our life,

His Word works in all who believe, as His Word, they truly receive.


His Word is valued more than gold, for His Truth never grows old,

As God’s Word is eternal, friend; for, He has no beginning or end,

His Word’s far above that of man, as His Word is His eternal plan.

As man changes, God will never, while His Word shall last forever.


God shall accomplish His Will, as through His Word He shall fulfill,

His ultimate plan and purpose, through all who follow Christ Jesus,

As He equips us for every need, while God’s Word believers heed,

Growing to be imitators of Christ; being as Apostle Paul in this life.


God’s Word is the ultimate Authority, for now and through Eternity,

Giving power, to reach all men, at any cost, when we’re born again,

For in this world He helps us cope, with His Word vital to our hope,

The hope we have in Jesus Christ, is to soon share our Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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