God Not Men


God Not Men


As the plans of men go awry, I depend on Him, who reigns on high,

The Lord who rules over everyone, Jesus Christ, God’s Eternal Son,

He, who holds this world together, this, as He reigns above forever,

Christ, who sustains all things, The Lord of lords and King of kings.


He allows dark men to be in power, for Judgment in a coming hour,

When liberal leaders stray from God, they invite The Lord’s iron rod,

As they lead the masses astray, they move a nation to a darker day,

For a Holy God must judge men, in that nation, God shall condemn.


It is men, not God, who moves, so those darker hearts He reproves,

For, as The Lord remains the same, He must uphold His Holy Name,

Against a people who have turned, away from God, so have learned,

The rebellious path of Satan’s ways, producing godless darker days.


So, I depend fully on The Lord, although by most God goes ignored,

But, while most live in flagrant sin, their ways are not ignored by Him;

So as I follow Christ and His ways, it is God, not men, whom I praise,

For God takes care of my needs, while in my life it is God who leads.


God rules over men and their ways, and is Light in these darker days,

This, as God judges a fallen nation, as many reject God’s Revelation,

Following the ways of darker men, the very ones God shall condemn,

But, God leads me in Jesus Christ, Who is leading me to Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)


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