Depending On God

Depending On God

Another journey half way through, again my Lord, I depend on you,

For you’re my Lord, God and friend, so on you I shall fully depend,

As my times get dark and bleak, your direction and comfort I seek,

Your Love for me is my uptake, knowing my life you won’t forsake.


You strengthen me when I’m weak, as comfort, in your Word I seek,

For when I’m weary you’re strong, when those darker days are long,

You truly raise me up when I fall, with true compassion through it all,

Always with a gentle loving hand, you raise me up to help me stand.


Your compassions are new every day, as I journey down a dark way,

On a path that I wouldn’t choose, where real peace I sometimes lose,

As uncertainty swirls all around, my true peace in you alone is found,

That is not simply a temporal peace, but, certainty that will not cease.


A certainty you put in my heart, which assures me you will not depart,

From the path you determined for me, although at times I cannot see,

Just what exactly may lie ahead, so you remind me how you have led,

Me safely during each time and place, always in your abundant Grace.


As in this life you lead me through, ahead to a place prepared by you,

In a time ahead filled with certainty, that time we shall know as eternity,

Where you will make all things right, as you eradicate the dark of night,

With only the Light of Jesus Christ, when I finally enter into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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