Fruitful Discipleship

Fruitful Discipleship

Discipleship is God’s purpose, of every believer in Christ Jesus,
We are here to share Jesus Christ, with those who touch our life,
We’re sent to see men receive, the Truth of God, that we believe,
We’re here to share with the lost, saving Truth, whatever the cost.

Even in suffering we can proclaim, The Name above every name,
That Name above is Jesus Christ, Who, suffered as our sacrifice;
With Good News that’s never old, as His witness we can be bold,
Sharing God’s Truth of salvation, with any and all of every nation.

Entrusted with a task from God, to share Truth, wherever we trod,
Sent with the message of Christ, the Gospel Truth of Eternal Life;
With integrity, we must preach, The Word of God, to all we reach,
Reaching out with Truth to men, in Christ they must be born again.

We don’t share for personal gain, for us, there is nothing to attain,
Neither glory from men or fame, for all our effort, is for His Name,
As all glory goes to God above, as Jesus is that Name I speak of,
The only Name above every nation, in which men receive salvation.

As a mother tends to her child, our witness can be gentle and mild,
But exhortation mustn’t be denied; as a father, we must also guide;
Walking godly before all others, as we desire to call them brothers,
As new life in Christ they gain, our discipleship for Him isn’t in vain.

(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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