Whatever Happens

Whatever Happens

Whatever happens in my life, is allowed and ensured by Jesus Christ,
For my life’s only part of the story, one for God’s purpose and Glory,
As God does more than I can see, while for His purpose He uses me,
Being guided by His sovereign hand, in ways one cannot understand.

Lives moved upon by the hand of God, changing hearts with His nod,
By God’s nod, through His Word, hearts and lives of many are stirred,
As He works through the lives of us, those who know The Lord Jesus,
While daily we witness of His Truth, God uses our lives as living proof.

Living testimonies of God’s ways, as God works throughout our days,
As He speaks to hearts and minds, through our trials of various kinds,
Touching hearts, only God knows, as in our lives His presence shows,
While God holds us up by Grace, through every trial that we may face.

This as The Lord purposes in our life, to reach others for Jesus Christ,
Moving hearts in ways only He can, this, as He seeks to reach all men,
As we share with others His Word, until all men everywhere have heard,
With our knowledge of His Revelation; directing many to His Salvation.

Being saved we receive Eternal Life, through our belief in Jesus Christ,
So my present life, The Lord can use, in any way, that He may choose,
For friend, a new life is ahead for me, one that will last through eternity,
So, as I part from life’s hurt and pain, ahead for me is nothing but gain.

(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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