Vibrant, Encouraging and Enduring


Vibrant, Encouraging and Enduring

We as Christians, for God, can, be an influence on unsaved men,
Being a testimony for Jesus Christ, as we live out this earthly life;
We can live this life with vibrancy, in a way, which others can see,
When an active faith we do display, living around men day to day.

Encouragement we can truly share, in the world filled with despair,
This to all the others in our life, as we too deal with pain and strife;
We can be people who are enduring, as our life can be reassuring,
To those others as we live daily, for our hope is in Christ, eternally.

It was God’s, not our selection, as we’re saved by God’s Election,
All believers saved unto salvation, to be a witness to every nation;
It was through Truth that we heard, convicted by God’s Holy Word,
That, being lost and depraved, by Christ Jesus we must be saved.

It was The Holy Spirit, who moved us, to embrace The Lord Jesus,
Who sent His Spirit as a guarantee, Who, now lives in you and me,
Through Christ’s Spirit and New Life, we are to model Jesus Christ,
As God’s Gospel we now herald, living our new life to all the world.

We’re saved to follow God’s ways, all for Christ’s glory and praise,
As Christians we should be vibrant, for with the Gospel we are sent,
With Good News, to be encouraging, as we serve The Eternal King,
Also, enduring our lives should be, while our Hope is fixed eternally.

(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)



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