Foundational Cracks

There’s something fundamentally wrong, with today’s political throng,
From our foundation they’ve moved away, to a place of moral decay,
Moving off the very foundation, that wade this land a Blessed Nation,
Dismissing the very God and Creator, Who is indeed, our only Savior.

We are moving to a godless peoples, even amidst the many steeples,
Which, peppers this country of ours, where belief is becoming a farce,
Even many professing Believers, are embracing dark, political leaders,
Ignoring all Biblical values they know, to follow a darker political show.

Things are getting darker these days, as men, not God, receive praise,
Men praised by many blinded in sin, who weaken our land deep within,
Deep down into the foundation below, in ways now beginning to show,
With a moral decay they can’t hide, with the cracks now deep and wide.

Moving the Church into apostasy, embracing issues that should not be,
As professed believers are wowed, by today’s unethical political crowd,
Moved towards spiritual compromise, as to Truth, they close their eyes,
As the fear of God leaves their heart, God’s Light also will soon depart.

When His Light is gone, so is Truth, then all that’s left is God’s reproof,
Judgment begins in the House of God, then all across the land we trod,
That shall just be the beginning friend, as a godless nation sees its end,
As it is written in God’s Revelation, God will judge every godless nation.

(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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