Just To Talk

At times I just like to talk with you, as again you walk me through,
Yet, another situation in this life, that brings with it pain and strife,
This Lord, while in my heart I kneel, about those things I truly feel,
About things in this heart of mine, some things I can’t truly define.

At times I want to make the time, maybe, with no reason or rhyme,
To share the things on my heart, knowing, you may always impart,
A thought or two of sound reason, in my life whatever the season,
While I share burdens with you, knowing you shall see me through.

Being still knowing you are God, while my heart and feet are shod,
For the path ahead, that I must walk, well after we’re done this talk,
Preparing me for the path I take, knowing that I, you won’t forsake,
This not only when to you, I pray, but, along my journey every day.

Lord as I work, I’ll talk with you, knowing, you help me with all I do,
As I travel in this life every day, you’re always there along the way,
Should I desire to share a thought, so in my heart calm is wrought,
Lord, as you help my heart be still, reminding me, I am in your will,

Whether, by a thought or prayer, I can speak to my God anywhere,
For anywhere that my feet may trod, I can reach my Lord and God,
Yes, any time, from any place, I can reach God’s Throne of Grace,
With a concern, thought or a prayer, to talk with my God anywhere.

(Copyright ©01/2013 Bob Gotti)

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