New Year With God

With yet another season behind, does God’s Truth come to mind?
For as this season is packed away, The Lord God, is here to stay,
Were you aware, during this year, that you were able to draw near,
The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, so that He is part of your life?

Will you follow the usual instead, ignoring God in the year ahead?
Beginning with New Year’s Day, dismissing Truth amidst the fray?
During the celebration and cheer, forgetting that He’s always near,
Near enough, to be in your life, starting this year with Jesus Christ.

Remember that babe in that stable, Who is God and is surely able,
To change this year ahead for you, in ways, which you never knew,
Not only the year but everything, as you acknowledge Him as King,
Everything in your life will change, while the Lord remains the same.

A new year, including God can be, a new time to reflect on Eternity,
Unlike those holidays of the past, this is a time that will forever last,
That future provided by The Lord, Who, by many today, is ignored,
But, ignore Him not this year friend, to begin a new life with no end.

Christ went from the stall to Calvary, so we could join God’s Family,
As The Lord grants us a New Birth, right here upon the present earth,
A choice that begins in our heart, when with God, we get a new start,
In not just a new year for you, but, an Eternity, from a heavenly view.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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