Although yesterday’s now the past, long shadows at times are cast,
Shadows of darkness and sorrows, into our today, also tomorrows,
As the tomorrows come and go, in the shadows of each day I know,
The Lord has a way prepared for me, even in the darkest uncertainty.

Sorrow fills this earth we know, as darkness about us, we see grow,
In a world that has lost its way, the darkness always begins as gray,
Indifference toward a Heavenly God; abundant on this earth we trod,
However, all that gray dear friend, shall turn into darkness in the end.

Sorrow in hearts is surely multiplied, when by people, God is denied,
Bringing darkness across the land, in ways many will not understand,
When from God a nation departs, darkness starts to fill men’s hearts,
In ways that lead men far from grace, as evil becomes commonplace.

Sorrow indeed will fill the nation, that’s walked away from Revelation,
As nations perish when God’s Word, is seldom read and never heard,
As men’s hearts become oblivious, to Truth of God’s Righteousness,
When the needs for Truth decrease, darkness and sorrow all increase.

We lay all our sorrows at the feet, of Him, in whom there is no defeat,
As believers in Christ we have victory, even in the darkest uncertainty,
For through the sorrow and the night, we’re led by Christ, in His Light,
As He guides us to Eternal Peace, where all sorrow will forever cease.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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