Contentment From God

Sometimes we strive to be content, in things, not in the One God sent,
Who powers us to do all things, as strength to us from God He brings.
Through the riches of Jesus Christ, we’re strengthened through our life,
With endless strength given to us, we can do all things, in Christ Jesus.

Whether we are in plenty or in need, these are His Truths we must heed,
Words penned by the Apostle Paul, who in his time of plenty was Saul,
But, after Saul met Jesus Christ, he learned to deal with pain and strife,
Whose words today are relevant, for all believers looking to be content.

While in our world, as we have plenty, happy and content we tend to be,
Sometimes following the world’s lead, having more, than we really need,
But, in this life, when we confront, a period of need or that time of want,
An inner emptiness seems to prevail, when those ways of this world fail.

That is why we need Jesus my friend, for times we cannot comprehend,
In times of need, we don’t understand, we look to Him to take our hand,
To then guide us through all uncertainty, as The Lord alone is our plenty,
Supplying the strength for all our needs, as in that time, His Spirit leads.

The Lord can do anything but fail, so it is in Jesus Christ that we prevail,
Through His eternal riches my friend, resources above that have no end,
He sustains us, with strength and power, even through that darkest hour,
So as all my resources have been spent, in Christ alone I can be content.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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