Through Emmanuel

The Nation Israel

Today Christians rejoice in Emmanuel, The Lord God of Israel,
The Lord sent as Messiah to them, is The Lord God of all men,
The Savior, sent to Israel first, is Living Water for all who thirst,
He is for men The Bread of Life, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel means “God with us”, in the person of Christ Jesus,
He came to God’s chosen nation, to bring Israel, His Salvation,
To save His people from their sin, all that darkness deep within,
In that darkness they didn’t see, Christ was the Lord of Eternity.

Because of that nation’s denial, Christ would turn to the Gentile,
Men, walking in spiritual darkness, would see the light of Jesus,
All those in the spiritual night, could come to The Savior’s Light,
Now obtainable to every nation, was The Lord’s Great Salvation.

Now not aliens of the Covenant, are all embracing The One sent,
The One sent to all the world, as God’s Revelation was unfurled,
Christ fulfilling ancient prophecy, so all in darkness now will see,
Jews and Christians now are one, through The Body of The Son.

Salvation is offered to all men, when in Christ they’re born again,
Born of God’s Spirit from above, available to all by God’s Love,
As Christ came to do God’s will, saving both Gentiles and Israel,
The Lord Savior of all of us, all through Emmanuel, Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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