Ignoring The Greatest Gift

This is the season Christ was given, so His Spirit could then live in,
In the very heart of earthly men, when believers are truly born again;
The Holy Spirit is what I speak of, sent by God from Heaven above,
Sent down to all who truly believe, God’s Spirit, all believers receive.

Today on earth for many living, this has become a season of giving,
Giving, which began with The Lord, Who, by many, today is ignored,
Focusing today on their biggest gift, creates for many a spiritual rift,
A separation with God between, those engrossed in a holiday scene.

While seeking for others big gifts, in the true madness of Christmas,
Many don’t seek the best gift of all, the One, delivered inside a stall,
The One with an unmatched price, who actually became our sacrifice,
That One Gift being Jesus Christ, Who, offers us a gift of eternal life.

Christ was sent to all by God above; God’s Gift of unparalleled Love.
Christ, who’s actually the only reason, why we even have this season,
Yet the many today continue to ignore, Christ, Who came well before
All those now presently on earth, to offer those souls a spiritual birth.

Christmas by many, is truly spent, ignoring that Gift, which God sent,
To not just one, but every nation, to bring to all men God’s Salvation,
The Greatest Gift to all mankind, One which many today leave behind,
With God lost in their holiday strife, as they continue on in a futile life.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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