Redemption In God’s Time

God's Sovereignty

Holy God, Who judges Righteously, offers all sinners eternal victory,
Before the foundation of the world, the stage was set to be unfurled,
The Lord God, from all eternity past, set in place Redemption to last,
Man’s redemption, through His Son, provided salvation for everyone.

The salvation all men would need, since Adam and Eve did not heed,
The command given in the Garden, by which, man became hardened,
When God’s command was ignored, creating an enmity with the Lord,
From that forbidden fruit on a tree, man would be directed to Calvary.

At the moment Satan did deceive, mankind’s parents, Adam and Eve,
Bringing darkness into Paradise, The Creator would ordain a sacrifice,
A sacrifice required for mankind, to be provided for all, in God’s time,
Prophesied way back in Paradise, pointing to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

When Christ would die in our stead, He would also crush Satan’s head,
As Satan simply bruised the heel of, the Eternal Son, who rules above,
As The Savior died, for all our sin, our eternal victory, Christ would win,
So we can partake of the Tree of Life, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The salvation, that God had unfurled, believers today, truly must herald.
Through His power, over the grave, The Righteous Lord today will save,
Each sinner who truly comes to Christ, as God grants them Eternal Life,
As the fallen sinner in time is restored, through the sacrifice of our Lord.

(Copyright ©12/2012 Bob Gotti)

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