The Church is Church my brother, a place to meet with one another,
A place to meet with our Lord, where grace and mercy are implored,
That place for worship and praise, lifted up to The Ancient of Days,
Men gathering, to bring glory to, The One Who created me and you.

Church is a body of those, who know, The Lord and desire to grow,
In the knowledge of Christ our Lord, as Christ’s Body in one accord,
A place to encourage others in Christ, while living in this present life,
Support, that we can only receive, from men in life who also believe.

Church is more than a gathering, of men together to praise and sing,
As it’s a place to seek The Lord, who, by love makes us one accord,
As believers are in the presence of, Jesus Christ, Who reigns above,
As Christ builds us together in unity, through the power from Calvary.

The local Church is the very heart, of The Savior’s mission, to impart,
The very Truth of God’s Salvation, in reaching each and every nation,
The Lord scattered His early Church, for His mission of greater worth,
So that as His Church, we could herald, God’s Truth into all the world.

Today’s Mission, is still the same, when Believers gather in His Name,
To focus upon our Lord God first, while The Savior builds His Church,
As The Lord grants direction to, His Living Stones, that’s me and you,
To finish God’s purpose, through us, all, for the glory of Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)

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