Scripture’s Mirror

Looking into the mirror of Scripture, I am able see a truer picture,
Of who I am and what my life is, in view of God’s Righteousness,
The reflection of me in light of, The Holy Lord, Who reigns above,
It gives me The Lord’s true value, of that person, I thought I knew.

I observe, in that poor reflection, a lack on my part, of subjection,
That, to The Holy Spirit of God, in places where I sometimes trod,
While living sometimes far below, God’s Holiness, that I do know,
Living sometimes with one foot in, this fallen world, filled with sin.

The longer I walk with Jesus Christ, the more I question of my life,
Just why did The God of Eternity, reach in darkness, to touch me,
Touching this dark wayward heart, than offer me a brand new start,
A new start, while still on the earth, when I received a Spiritual Birth.

With that birth, He opened my eyes, to a God, both Holy and Wise,
One, who knows my very being; knowing about my life, everything,
So the more I grow, I also realize, things about me which I despise,
It begs the question, why does He, love such a sinful soul like me?

When I look into Scripture’s mirror, next to The Lord, I’m so inferior,
When in that mirror I see my face; I’m again reminded of His Grace,
That God saved a wretch like me, to reign with Him through eternity,
However, very soon, I’ll be like Him, glorified and totally free of sin.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)

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