Before I Knew

God's Sovereignty

My whole life is ordained by, The Lord God, Who reigns on high,
Not knowing Christ at infancy, but, as for The Lord, He knew me,
Knitting me in my mother’s womb, while my life began to bloom,
Born a sinful soul, but, I would find, my Holy Lord, in God’s time.

Creating me through love and care, also, even before I was there,
My Lord plotted out my destiny, for all my life before my infancy,
With God’s plan, from my birth, to be used by God, on this earth,
My life, for His honor and glory, this from His writing of my story.

My whole life is know by the One, Who sent for me His Only Son,
Sending Christ, before I knew, my Savior, who loves me and you,
Although I didn’t seek God’s face, God, poured on me His Grace,
His grace brought to my life, love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Eternal Author of my salvation, filled my heart with Revelation.
From the creation upon earth’s sod, into The Eternal Word of God,
Filling me with the knowledge of, God, Who leads me from above,
Leading me to witness and herald, His Eternal Truth to a lost world.

Right from that womb to the grave, it was Christ, Who would pave,
That journey, which would save me, and guide me to Life Eternally,
As I was redeemed by Jesus Christ, The Author of my Eternal Life,
All ordained, well before I knew, God, Who sees all things through.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)

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