Pondering My Real Home

The Word of God

At home is where I long to be, up in Heaven, through eternity,
Far above the celestial dome, in Heaven, up in my real home,
In that Mansion prepared for me, right beside the Crystal Sea,
Only passing through this place, going home by God’s Grace.

I’m currently here in God’s design, living life in temporal time,
But, while on this present earth, I experienced a spiritual birth,
Born Again, by The Spirit of God, given direction on this sod,
His new direction and destiny, that points me well into eternity.

Given, by Christ, a new heart, on God’s agenda, until I depart,
Working for God here on earth, in His service of eternal worth,
Looking ahead to Heaven friend, as this life comes to an end,
With a beginning beyond this world, in an eternity yet unfurled.

Although I long to be home, still here I remain, yet not to roam,
But to be used in my earthly life, in the service of Jesus Christ,
To be a witness and a herald, of Good News, into all the world,
Sharing God’s Truth of salvation, with all men in this generation.

With my journey directed by, my Lord God, Who reigns on high,
Directing my path as He chooses, as my life for Christ He uses,
While longing for home, I impart, God’s Gospel, before I depart,
To be with God forevermore, in a home upon that Eternal Shore.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)

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