Rock of Security

The only security in this world, is the Rock of Jesus Christ,
The only Truth, men must herald, in an age filled with strife,
As present trouble is unfurled, in darkness, at times so rife,
Christ is the hope of our world, a Light needed in every life.

Whatever the world’s instability, God’s the only explanation,
It is God that people must see, in Christ and His Revelation,
Only God in this land of the free, deserves man’s exaltation,
All those in a fallen society, desperately need His Salvation!

Today as many think of survival, in a land that trusts in God,
We must talk of spiritual revival, all across this land we trod,
As men face this present trial, we will fall with a political nod.
If we continue the present denial, we’ll only see Christ’s Rod!

Righteousness is what we need, this, through the Lord Jesus,
For if His Truth we do not heed, judgment will fall on all of us,
We can’t follow the political lead, as they deny righteousness,
Righteousness all must concede, isn’t a part of political bliss!

Leaders all across this land, are in urgent need of God’s Truth,
This so they’ll understand, as a nation we face God’s reproof,
In His Word, God makes a stand; read His Word to see proof,
To receive blessing, by His hand, we must return to His Truth!

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)

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