Not By Our Works

The Word of God

The work on the cross, by Christ, is how man enters eternal life,
His work was finished, He had said, as Christ died in our stead,
With none required on our part, before from the earth we depart,
As the work Christ did on Calvary, provides for us, life eternally.

Our only part is done by faith, as we accept God’s gift of grace,
Sinfully depraved and undone, God sent, for man His Only Son,
Being eternally lost and depraved, only by Grace, we are saved,
For only He could pay that price, by sending a Perfect Sacrifice.

The price for salvation was paid, as man’s sin on Christ was laid,
A price that no man could pay, so, Christ became The Only Way,
For every man, from every nation, to be saved, by His Salvation,
God’s Salvation, that all receive, when by faith they truly believe.

When we’re saved we fellowship, to praise God through worship,
We worship not to gain favor, but, because we know The Savior,
Receiving Christ, who died for us, we receive His Righteousness.
Righteousness gained through Him, not of works tainted with sin.

Works on our part are not required, or by Christ are they desired,
As God’s desire is that we embrace, His Son, received by Grace,
Then after accepting Jesus Christ, live for Him in newness of life,
For our works do not save us, as that was done by Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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