Three Cords

My life is all about three cords, for my entire life is The Lord’s,
While in this very present life, God granted me a beautiful wife,
For she is one of two strands, while we’re both in God’s hands,
With Christ being the third cord, for in our Savior we’re secured.

We are both secure in this world, as trials about us are unfurled,
Fully secure in the hands of God, while we’re on the earthly sod,
While waiting for our Blessed Hope, God helps us to daily cope,
For He is our hope along the way, providing grace for every day.

Many times we do not understand, but, we’re secure in His hand,
From God’s hand we cannot fall, as He is The Lord God over all,
God is over each trial we face, supplying to us all needed grace,
Guiding both me and my wife, through all the trials within our life.

Our hope is not in what we see, but, in The Lord God of Eternity.
Focusing not on uncertainty ahead, but, on Jesus Christ instead,
As uncertainties we leave to Him, God’s peace then dwells within,
As together we’re in one accord, while totally trusting in The Lord.

This life prepared for both of us, is in the control of Christ Jesus,
Christ, who brought us both together, guides us now and forever;
We may not understand His ways, but, He deserves all our praise,
For we are both strands of a cord, sustained always, by our Lord.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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