Discerning Signs

It is said, that a red sky at night, for sailors at sea is a delight,
As the following day will be, pleasant weather with a calm sea,
But a red sky in the morning, becomes for them a big warning,
That it’ll be bad weather instead, for that morning sky was red.

Christ Himself touched on this, talking to men spiritually amiss,
Many who could discern the sky, knew not who He was or why,
He was sent by God to that nation, sent to that very generation,
Discerning of the sky above, but, not what scriptures spoke of.

The Lord spoke of those signs, that were present in their times,
That should have been obvious, to the leaders spiritually amiss,
Noting they were hypocritical, while other Scripture they’d fulfill,
Having eyes they could not see, Truths, unfolding prophetically.

Is anything really different today, about what men do and say?
About scripture penned long ago, Truths, so that we can know,
The Lord’s purpose and His plan, for this world and every man,
As we see around the world, ancient prophecies being unfurled.

Today is it any different friend, as prophetically we’re in the end,
As we take a look all around, the Age of Grace is winding down;
Is the religious man a hypocrite, or just sadly, biblically illiterate?
About all those signs given to us, through the Lord Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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