Godly Unions

We have a command in this life; submit to the Lord, Jesus Christ,
For, to be controlled has its price, which for believers is sacrifice,
Being controlled by the Holy Spirit, in heeding Truth, as we hear it,
While we sacrifice our own desire, for a purpose, far much higher,

Husbands must love their wives, like the Church is loved by Christ,
While wives must submit to him, their husband, by the Spirit within,
This as together they build unity, submitting to God for their family,
As God’s Spirit guides each of us, all for the glory of Christ Jesus.

The husband must take the lead, God’s Truth each man must heed,
This under the submission of God, not with the power of one’s rod,
Knowing the husband is responsible, for the family, per God’s Will,
Following His Will comes with a price, of submission and sacrifice.

For God, we must love sacrificially, caring for our Wife and Family,
As we emulate the love of Christ, toward our family, all of their life,
With a Christ like, steadfast love, to the glory of our Savior above.
Purposing, truly loving our wife, this, as we are sanctified in Christ,

By God we’ve been brought together, so cherish your wife forever,
And as the weaker vessel we should, honor our wife, for her good,
As together we’re joint heirs in Christ, this, for our entire earthly life,
This, as we model for everyone, homes built on God’s Loving Son.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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