My Lord Alone

It is The Lord and Him alone, behind how much I have grown,
Just how I’ve grown spiritually, since meeting God at Calvary,
Saving me, so spiritually lost, while the Lord paid all the cost,
Saving me from my life of sin, to gain a new life all from Him.

It was God, Who set me free, to put me on my way to eternity,
He had set me free in this life, to follow my Lord, Jesus Christ.
Indwelt with The Spirit of God, to guide me on this earthly sod,
Guided out of the spiritual night, to walk in His Truth and Light.

It is my Lord Who walks with me, while on an ordained destiny,
My destiny prescribed by Christ, Who is The Author of my life,
The Author and Sustainer of, my life, through His power above,
Sustaining me in times of trial, by His power, there is no denial.

It is The Lord, my dear friend, Who shall lead me up to the end,
And at every bend I’m assured, that I’m in the hand of my Lord,
Guided by His Love and Care, Christ goes with me everywhere,
Wherever I journey, I understand, I’m forever in my Lord’s hand.

While I’m in God’s hand forever, I’m without His presence never,
As Christ’s Spirit helps me grow, in ways, that He’s yet to show,
This as my God sustains my life, in this world of pain and strife,
As I journey towards Paradise, because The Lord paid the price.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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