Truth That Sets You Free

Words expressed to you and me, that the truth will set you free,
Not simply truth of any kind, but, Truth which leaves sin behind,
The Truth spoken of is Him; The One Who saves many from sin,
The Truth available to all of us, is the Lord Himself, Christ Jesus.

Friend in the Bible you shall find, God’s Truth of an Eternal kind,
Truth that is beyond the world, Truth which Jesus Christ unfurled,
A Truth that’s meant for everyone, coming from God’s Only Son,
His Truth, which sets men free, from the present through eternity.

Common truths known on earth, for man, are of no eternal worth,
All common truths known to man, access not God’s eternal plan,
They are better than lies for us, but, have not His Righteousness,
Common truth won’t get us to, Eternity, prepared for me and you.

The only Saving truth, in this life, is Truth, in the person of Christ,
God’s saving Truth all men need, His Gospel Truth all must heed;
Common truth will not set you free, or give you new life eternally,
For man’s word shall fade away, but, God’s Truth is here to stay.

The Saving Truth, you have heard, is there for all in God’s Word,
The Way, the Truth and the Life, is the Living Word, Jesus Christ,
Whose Word comes from eternity, Truth, that saves you and me,
Reading His Word reveals proof, He’s the author of Eternal Truth.

(Copyright ©10/2012 Bob Gotti)

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