Those We Pass By


So many today sporting a smile, this, as they live in denial,
Of the Lord God, their Creator, living apart from the Savior;
While some sporting a frown, are not joyful at all but down,
In full denial of the Lord above, having no true joy and love.

Many like this we see each day, yet we have so little to say,
But, in The Spirit, we must rely, in His Power, from on High,
As we seek in another’s life, to be a voice, for Jesus Christ,
A voice people may not heed, but, it is Truth that they need.

One thing cannot be ignored; all these souls need The Lord,
How can they continue to cope, without The Blessed Hope?
A hope that comes from above; Jesus, the Hope I speak of,
He’s the only one who fulfills, the deeper need in individuals.

It’s nothing new under the sun, that deeper need in everyone,
For all upon this earthly sod, the need to know the Lord God;
A vacuum in the heart of man, that needs to be and only can,
Be filled in both you and I, through God’s Spirit from on high.

The need can be filled only with, The Creator’s Awesome Gift,
God’s Gift, sent to everyone, that Gift being God’s Only Son,
Who grants all souls restoration, through grace and salvation,
Which brings peace, be assured, as one believes in The Lord.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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