Judgment Day

The End Times

Judgment Day will soon be here, what do Christians have to fear?
Nothing, for they know The Truth, we shall not see God’s Reproof,
The judgment that shall be poured, down on the earth by The Lord,
Christians are upon another path, and will not see the Lord’s Wrath.

Believers, will be judged in His Love, at Christ’s Bema Seat above,
We too will be judged, for our works, which will have eternal perks,
For all the things done for our Lord, we may receive eternal reward,
But, for all done by selfish desire, those works, will be burnt in fire,

If we do above face any trouble, it shall be hay, wood and stubble,
As all our works, Christ shall define, through the Fire of His design,
All that makes it through the fire, were our works of His pure desire,
As on earth we served Jesus Christ, during our temporal earthly life.

After this, a Supper with The Lamb, up above with The Great “I AM.”
Dining with Jesus Christ, our Lord, Who, down here, we’ve adored,
During that time upon the earth, now in Heaven, through New Birth,
For at the time that we believed, Eternal Life from Him we received.

Through Wrath we need not to cope, as His Judgment is our Hope,
For we’ll be taken from this earth, up into Heaven, in our New Birth,
Now perfect, with Christ for all time, all through God’s pure design,
To return to former ways, never, but, to reign with The Lord forever.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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