It’s Your Choice

Spiritual Change

All men on earth need God’s Truth; His Word is all we need for proof,
For in God’s Holy Word we read, God’s Eternal Truths we must heed,
Future judgment is in store for all, decreed by God, from Adam’s fall;
Lord, man’s destiny is all but two, one being in Hell and one with you.

All souls on earth have a choice, that’s to follow God or man’s voice,
That is follow God’s Holy Word, or man’s opinions that you’ve heard,
Both will lead to one’s final destiny, but two different places eternally,
Both with a changed body my friend, determined by your eternal end.

Everyone, while in their present life, must come to know Jesus Christ,
As He’s the only one who can, accomplish the desired change in men,
The change, which after they’ve died, is into an eternal body, glorified,
As He changes man’s present mortality, into a future, immortal eternity.

Neglecting Christ, for your views, shall bring you bad, not Good News,
That Good News is He’s done it all, to save all souls, from Adam’s fall,
Refusing Christ maintains separation, with The Living God of Salvation,
Friend, not only for just a short spell, but, an everlasting eternity in Hell.

Refusing God, come your last breath, you then, will enter eternal death,
Given a new body, that will endure, eternal separation, you can be sure;
The Lord today is on His Throne, that choice is yours, and yours alone,
Believe before your last breath, to receive Eternal Life instead of death.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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