About Our Father’s Business

God’s Truth is all that matters, as we climb corporate ladders,
This, as we work in this world, where many views are unfurled,
All the secular views oppose, the Truth of God that we chose,
To follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, in every pathway of this life.

When we reach that higher rung, different songs may be sung,
By those who influence us, others, who know not Christ Jesus,
All who lead corporate matters, as we climb corporate ladders,
So, as we climb we mustn’t wavier, as a witness for our Savior.

As God’s, we can’t compromise, His Word of Truth in our lives,
Everywhere The Lord takes us, we are Ambassadors for Jesus,
Guided by God’s gracious hand, in God’s Truth we must stand,
From our home to a workplace, we are guided by God’s Grace.

We’re to spread Truth everywhere, so His Gospel we can share,
This as we stand in God’s Light, in a world where wrong is right,
So not to forsake our obligation, to God’s Truth and Revelation,
While we desire others to see, changes He made in you and me.

When we accepted His salvation, Christ made us a new creation,
To be for Christ Jesus, with our life, The Savior’s living sacrifice.
No matter where are employment, it’s there by Him we were sent,
To be about our Father’s business, being for Him a true witness.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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