Perishing But Renewed

Though by illness my life is rent, I am mindful it’s only a tent,
I speak of this body of mine, my temporal body for this time,
Though my outward body perish, my life in God I can cherish,
As inward I’m renewed by God, for life above this earthly sod.

My body may fail on the earth, but, my life is in my New Birth,
Now a member of God’s Family, I received promises eternally,
Knowing on earth we all may die, real life starts above the sky,
In a place, prepared by Christ, where we begin our Eternal Life.

Our bodies are temporal friend, for this earthly life has its end,
An end indeed we all will see, and then there will be an eternity,
The end won’t be the same for all, as we are under Adam’s fall,
And some at their last breath, will see not eternal life but death.

However, in Christ I have hope, when in times it’s hard to cope,
As this present cancer impedes, my present life with its needs,
My Lord God is always there, helping with each need and care,
Helping me trust in Him not me, as He prepares me for eternity.

For me there’s only eternal gain, but my life He too can sustain,
Extending my life, as a mortal man, if that is within God’s Plan,
So He would allow my present life, to continue on with my wife,
That we may both depart together, to live with our Lord forever.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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