Hostile Environment

The End Times

By many people filled with pride, God and His Truth are denied,
Men not humble but proud, following a politically correct crowd,
Rejecting Truth God has sent, they create a hostile environment,
With cultural changes politically, they are harming God’s Family.

With postmodern ideas in mind, all families, they try to redefine,
With changing values and roles, immorality replaces God’s laws,
While perversion and immorality, destroy the foundational family,
Causing failed marriages friend, with family casualties in the end.

That religious liberty we embraced, by liberals, is being replaced,
By amoral political correctness, opposing God’s Righteousness,
As economic pressures on us, put burdens on all in Christ Jesus,
Causing many with hope in eternity, to fall into a temporal apathy.

Those who believe in The Lord, from the Scriptures, are implored,
To be submissive and humble friend, knowing He knows the end,
While being sober and vigilant, obeying The Spirit, God had sent,
Resisting God’s ancient enemy, being God’s light in dark society.

After we suffer, we’ll be restored, through the power of The Lord,
In Truths, established by God, while we live on this temporal sod,
In the very strength of God in us, while we follow The Lord Jesus,
Settling here, on God’s Eternal Ways, to God’s honor and praise.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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