Changing Not

Spiritual Change

Many men may acknowledge the Lord, but, in their life He is ignored,
The many state they believe in Him, however, continue in a life of sin,
Many, even accept God’s Salvation, while they ignore His Revelation,
About all the changes in a life, when a person comes to Jesus Christ.

Their walk reflects no obvious Change, as their life remains the same,
While they profess to have believed, they live as if they are deceived,
As God’s eternal enemy, says change isn’t required, for others to see,
So, he walks not with his brothers, or shines his light for all the others.

Living in a world that’s so depraved, when by The Lord, we are saved,
Through God’s Power of Salvation, believers become a New Creation,
Given by God the Spirit of Christ, to live for our Lord a brand new life,
As a living testimony to Him, The Lord Jesus, Who saved us from sin.

If Apostle Paul felt the obligation, our life also, should be a revelation,
Of what The Lord God has done for us, through His Son, Christ Jesus,
Even if a change should be belated, every believer is surely obligated,
To be for God, a light and a witness, of Jesus Christ’s Righteousness.

For The Savior, Who left His Majesty, to become sin, for you and me,
We should have more than obligation, for life should be a celebration,
A nonstop celebration in Jesus Christ, this as we surrender all our life,
As we make changes, to Godly ways, for God’s honor and His praise.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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