Father To Friend

My Father, Savior, Lord and Friend, God is there, at every bend,
To go to Him is never a bother, as He cares for me like a Father,
Being the Eternal Creator, He loved me enough to be my Savior,
And as I journey with my Lord, nothing in my life, will be ignored,
For The Lord God is my Friend, walking with me through the end.

As my Father God cares for me, with care that goes into eternity,
My ways, my Father understands, for all my life, is in His Hands,
For all my life God is responsible, this as, He carries out His will,
Providing needs as a father would, as God’s care is understood,
In ways beyond an earthly man; this, as I am in The Father’s plan.

By my Savior, I was redeemed, through His Blood I was cleaned,
Redeemed from the market of sin, while given a New Life in Him;
On the cross Christ took my wrath, to put me on a different path,
From death, I was given life, through redemption, in Jesus Christ,
Because The Savior died for me, I now have a New Life, eternally.

As my Lord Christ is in control, of my mortal life and eternal soul,
Leading me by The Spirit of Christ, while God controls all my life,
Moving through my life to fulfill, not my own, but, The Lord’s will,
While I’m obligated to my God, to be His witness wherever I trod,
This as my destiny’s fully assured, through the power of my Lord,

As my Friend God walks with me, upon the path towards Eternity,
A real Friend Who is always there, to show me His Love and Care,
He, Who for me, suffered and died, now, daily walks by my side,
As my guide and a comfort too, as my trials He sees me through,
In ways I couldn’t comprehend, without a Father, Lord and Friend.

(Copyright ©09/2012 Bob Gotti)

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