For Those In Christ

The End Times

Only those in Christ my friend, will see eternal blessing in the end,
Only those found in Jesus Christ, won’t see death, but eternal life,
The Eternal Life all souls receive, when in Christ they truly believe,
The very moment they trust in Him, Jesus, who saved us from sin.

Saved out of the world we live in, to life above, that’ll soon begin,
For when this present life is no more, we begin a life, forevermore,
With The Savior, Who died for us, alive eternally with Christ Jesus,
The One Who died but rose again, to give life to all believing men.

This life begins at our last breath, as breathed; we’ll see not death,
But, we shall enter into Eternity, to reside beyond that Crystal Sea,
Far into another time and place, when we behold our Savior’s face,
Stepping onto that Eternal Shore, to be with The Lord forevermore.

This is why Christ came to earth, to offer mortal men Spiritual Birth,
For this is why Christ came to die, to offer eternal life, to you and I,
This is why He became a sacrifice, so we could enter into Paradise,
This was provided by God above, through Christ, to show His love.

For the love God showed to us, one must respond to Christ Jesus,
With a personal belief, through faith, to accept God’s loving Grace,
A true acceptance, in your heart, and of His Church you’ll be a part,
A member of the Body of Christ, knowing you’ll receive Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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