Changing Attitude

Spiritual Change

True believers, who know the Lord, by the Apostle are implored,
To make changes in their life, to become more like Jesus Christ,
Through His power, we are endued, to have a Christ like attitude,
Putting in place all we’ve heard; life changes found in The Word.

Recognition is what we need, this, as we follow The Spirit’s lead,
God’s Word sharp as a sword, brings to light changes implored,
Change spoken of by Apostle Paul, are to be pursued by us all,
To be more like Jesus Christ, as we seek to be a living sacrifice.

Renewal is then not only desired, but, by The Lord it is required,
This, to renew our heart and mind, to leave our old ways behind,
No longer shall we be conformed, to this world but transformed,
Conforming to the will of Christ, as we honor God with New Life.

Replacing in our life old ways, with a newness unto God’s praise,
A new life substituting sinfulness, with our Lord’s Righteousness,
As we died for Christ, that old man, is now dead, per God’s Plan,
As the power of His Salvation, makes all believers a new creation.

Run hard then, this life’s race, through the power of God’s Grace,
Running in a way that pleases Him, the One Who died for our sin,
That we too can be a sacrifice, living for our Savior, Jesus Christ,
Living to please The Lord above, compelled by our Savior’s love.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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