Labor Of Love


Our service is a labor of love, as we witness for God above,
Here, there and everywhere, while the Gospel Truth we share,
Through the witness of our life, for The Savior, Jesus Christ,
Hoping that others shall see, for our Lord, a living testimony.

As God moves on the world, His Light, our lives must herald,
Seeing a change within our life, in this world where sin is rife,
That others see that Light within, our lives in this world of sin.
The light from the Lord above, as we share our Savior’s Love.

In this world so cold and dark, we must be for Christ a spark,
Of The Lord’s Truth and Light, in a world where wrong is right,
Turning some from wickedness, to The Lord’s Righteousness,
Righteousness that will prevail, that, wicked men today assail.

We can lead the wayward back, to righteousness under attack,
By the liberal minds of today, men who went spiritually astray,
Moving the wayward onto a path, that will see righteous wrath,
God’s righteous judgment friend, is what they’ll see in the end.

We must be the Savior’s light, pointing all from wrong to right,
In this world, so dark and cold, so The Lord, they may behold,
And like many humbled men, come to God and be born again,
Humbled friend, to by faith, accept The Savior’s Saving Grace.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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