No Room For Truth

Many have no need for God, a belief they defend with a nod,
With pride in their heart so rife, they will worship their own life,
Sitting on a self-made throne, they have a belief, all their own,
This faith that they embrace, discards God’s Awesome Grace.

They’ve no room within their life, for The Savior, Jesus Christ,
Heaven, they think they’ll inherit, not by Grace, but their merit,
Believing that they are good, as God they’ve not understood,
Having no fear of The Lord, His Truth, by them, goes ignored.

They may even dislike religion, but, it factors in their decision,
Being soiled by religious leaven, using works to enter Heaven,
But all of their works of pride, by The Lord God will be denied,
As all the work was done for us, on the Cross by Christ Jesus.

Some may say that they believe, but Truth they will not receive,
They even say that God is in all, denying a curse by man’s fall,
And all on the earth, they contend, will be in Heaven in the end,
With or without Jesus Christ, in Heaven, they shall see new life.

God’s Word makes it so clear; wisdom begins with a holy fear,
To know The Lord God is one, Who sent to earth His Only Son,
To be for all men His Sacrifice, so men can enter into Paradise,
And Jesus is The Only Name, in whom salvation man can claim.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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