No Assurance Without God

Believers remain calm and sure, as we go through another door,
Another door on the road of life, where uncertainty is always rife,
In these gray and changing times, as the nation’s anxiety climbs,
As men try to change the ways, ordained by God, in these days.

The leadership, that we see today, is leading down a darker way,
Multitudes who see no need, for the righteousness God decreed,
As righteousness exalts a nation, they’ve left the sure foundation,
Moving to proverbial shifting sand, that many do not understand.

Yet, many praise these men, whom, God Himself, shall condemn,
For their wicked, godless ways, in spite of men’s wayward praise,
Leaving all Godly ways behind, leading astray the spiritually blind,
Moving along without a pause, in support of their darkened cause.

The real truths, every man alludes, leading the ignorant multitudes,
Like that Pied Piper leading mice, their followers won’t think twice,
About men they choose to follow, even though their talk is hollow,
As they lead ignorant souls astray, on the destructive broader way.

But in God’s ways we are assured, while we follow Christ our Lord,
As God’s peace you won’t find, in followers of the spiritually blind,
While that peace God gave to me, is peace that shall last eternally,
As I choose to follow Jesus Christ, The very Author of Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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