Our Assurance

As believers, we are assured, not in situations, but in The Lord,
This, even when life is at its best, in Christ Jesus we are to rest,
As one never knows my friend, what is ahead, around the bend,
As we travel our course in life, even as believers in Jesus Christ.

Situations in this life change, as Jesus Christ, remains the same,
Yesterday, today and forever, dear friend, Jesus changes never,
Nor does God’s plan for our life, though we have pain and strife,
Marked out is each day that we see, by the Author of all Eternity.

We need not to be overwhelmed, for The Lord is still at the helm,
Up above watching everyone, especially men who know His Son;
He knows the plans He has for us, so we can rest in Christ Jesus,
Knowing that the Lord has willed, all in our life that will be fulfilled.

The plans God has for you and me, shall take us far into Eternity,
This is just preparation friend, for a time ahead that shall not end,
Where all dismay will be no more, as we reach that Eternal Shore,
When all doubting will be denied; as we stand in a body Glorified.

With this Eternal Hope in mind, we can leave all our doubt behind,
As we wait for our Blessed Hope, He gives needed grace to cope,
And Christ gives us peace of mind, leaving fear and worry behind,
While we look forward by grace, to seeing our Savior face to face.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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