God’s End Time Agenda

God's Sovereignty

When looking ahead to the future, we have comfort in The Truth,
We get peace from God’s Word, from passages we have heard,
Passages found within Prophecy, Truths written for you and me,
God’s set agenda and His plan, the future ahead, for every man.

First, the rapture of the Church, for every believer upon the earth,
It’s when God’s redeemed crowds, meet with Christ in the clouds;
Then The Judgment Seat of Christ, as He judges each earthly life,
Each believer judged by the Lord, for all their service and reward.

Then the time of the Tribulation, God’s Judgment on every nation,
Each nation opposed to God, shall see God’s Wrath on their sod;
While all who know The “I AM,” will be at The Supper of The Lamb,
Filled with Joy and Elation; all believers in a Heavenly Celebration.

Then comes the return of The Lord, a time that will not be ignored,
Returning as The King of kings, to begin His Reign over all things;
And following this Revelation, He will judge each and every nation,
Including God’s chosen Nation Israel, as His Word, He does fulfill.

Armageddon all nations will see, as God defeats each final enemy,
Upon the mountains of Israel, when Christ accomplishes God’s will;
And then the real peace will begin, as God rolls out The Millennium,
When Christ reigns from Jerusalem, during The Millennial Kingdom.

At the end of one thousand years, sin and wickedness disappears,
When everyone with a godless desire, is cast into The Lake of Fire;
God will make anew, Heaven and Earth, the world of Eternal Worth,
In a new realm, God shall create, as we enter into The Eternal State,

The Lord’s Agenda is all in place, while in the present Age of Grace,
Pending not even one incident, The Rapture dear friend is imminent,
Are you ready to meet your Maker; will He be your Judge or Savior?
So today simply come to Christ, and friend you will see Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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