Following God

To follow God, it is my choice, as I hear that inner voice,
Of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, guiding me through my life,
To follow Him, as my guide, as Jesus walks by my side,
Guiding me, in all that I do; as He daily sees me through.

Given the choice, if I choose, to walk alone, I could lose,
The peace of God deep inside, when in the Spirit I abide;
Or blessing and joy my friend, as I go around each bend,
But, with Christ, I am content, wherever by God I am sent.

To walk in His Righteousness, life’s filled with fruitfulness,
In my deeds along the way, as He guides me, day to day,
Fruitfulness which is from God, as I walk this earthly sod,
While I’m guided from above, in the Spirit’s light and love.

If I choose to walk alone, I lose that power, of His Throne,
Power from the Spirit of Christ, to deal with trial and strife,
If I walk opposing the Spirit, ignoring His voice as I hear it,
I am open to the subtlety, of deceptive ways of the enemy.

So my choice is The Lord; my ways by Him aren’t ignored,
As The Spirit truly guides me, in life with grace abundantly,
As He helps me live for God, led by Christ’s staff and rod,
In this life, as He blesses me, as I’m on my way to Eternity.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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