But One Way

The Word of God

Do you survey each possibility, to reach Heaven for eternity?
There’s many ways you can find, out of man’s exalted mind,
Many teachers reach out to man, with another salvation plan,
Many say, every way my friend, will reach Heaven in the end.

Is there a God and who is He; is there a Heaven and eternity?
If so, is there also a Hell, and must we believe in Emmanuel?
Emmanuel, Who is Christ Jesus, which means “God with us.”
Sent by God and our Creator, to be for all men, their Savior!

Christ was sent to save Israel, also, every nation, every soul,
All, who would believe in Him, would be saved from their sin,
As by our sin we are condemned, and this applies to all men,
So all men, from every nation, need from God, His Salvation!

Jesus Christ, The Great “I AM,” came to earth as God’s Lamb,
To be God’s Perfect Sacrifice, paying for all His eternal price,
That debt, no man could pay, so The Lord provided The Way,
The Only Way, to Eternal Life, through His Son, Jesus Christ!

From God, there’s but one way, despite what man has to say,
For God’s Word is absolute, Eternal Truth, no man can refute,
Truth, The Word does claim, under Heaven there is one name,
By which men must be saved, Truth in which, Apostles raved.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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